October 24 – 26, 2012 in Scottsdale, AZ


Session Descriptions
Track 1: Recruiting
Track 2: Compliance
Track 3: Leadership

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Board of Directors Meeting

3:00 pm – 7:00 pm


5:15 pm – 7:00 pm

NLX and RRCC Committee Meeting

8:00 pm – 9:30 pm

Welcome Dessert Reception

DAY 1 Wednesday, October 24, 2012

7:00 am

Registration/Continental breakfast

8:00 am
Welcome Remarks

Welcome & Introduction

Presenter: Bill Warren, Executive Director of DirectEmployers Association

8:10 am
General Session

Association Update

Presenter: Rodney Moses, President of Board of Directors

8:35 am
General Session

Best Practices in Strategic Interviewing

In today's fast paced economy employers strive to attract, engage and hire the right candidate for the available job openings. This task has become increasingly more competitive as employers struggle to find qualified, relevant candidates. To help combat this struggle, this session will provide best practice examples of how top talent acquisition teams are tying interviewing to vision and values through candidates evaluation. To help improve your strategic interviewing, panelists will focus on strategic assessment, recruitment execution and interviewing and compliance initiatives.

Presenters: Brandy Ellis, Level 3; Angie Grilliot, UnitedHealth Group; Tavius Jackson, Zurich NA; Nels Wroe, SHL Americas

9:35 am
General Session

Partnership Update: NASWA

Presenter: Pam Gerassimides, National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA)



10:00 am
General Session

Partnership Update: NACE

Presenter: Marilyn Mackes, The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE)

10:15 am
General Session

Recruiting with the New Internet

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows large and small companies to create an online presence and showcase their recruitment brand in both highly targeted and less-trafficked environments. In this session join Nancy Holland, VP of Marketing at DirectEmployers, and Heather Hoffman, VP of Digital Strategies, as they discuss the cutting-edge, simple yet powerful .JOBS top-level domain that harnesses search, social and mobile initiatives. While there, unlock the basics of SEO and learn how to leverage the .JOBS platform to drive more job seeker traffic directly to your career site and streamline your hiring process.

Presenters: Heather Hoffman and Nancy Holland, DirectEmployers Association

11:05 am
General Session

Gaining Life Skills from SEEDs for Autism

SEEDs For Autism is a Phoenix based 501(c)(3) vocational training program dedicated to teaching autistic/Asperger adults across the spectrum, a multitude of job skills related to the arts. The diverse art skills are taught in a user-friendly classroom setting, allowing for each participant to be themselves, among their peers. In this session, learn how a program has helped change the lives of its participants, while growing and developing skills such as: focusing on task, team work, pride of workmanship, hand-eye coordination, responsibility and friendship.

Presenter: Mary Ann LaRoche, SEEDs for Autism

11:15 am
General Session

See More Candidates in Less Time with Digital Interviewing

Companies are rapidly turning to digital screening and interviewing to better connect and engage with more candidates, faster - while delivering a more fair, consistent and personalized candidate experience. The convergence of mobile, social and video offers companies the game-changing ability to modernize and improve their sourcing, screening and selection effectiveness. In this informative session, attendees will gain insights into the benefits, challenges and implementation strategies associated with digital interviewing and its impact on quality of hire.

Presenter: Mark Newman, HireVue

12:00 pm


1:00 pm

Building a Powerful Online Recruitment Brand

More and more, job seekers are turning to the Internet to find employment opportunities and the search numbers reflect this trend. Each month, 226 million job-related searches are being conducted on Google making it all the more important to have a search engine optimized platform to display your available jobs. In this session, learn how the .JOBS top-level domain has helped Member company 24 Hour Fitness reach their niche audience and accomplish their hiring goals in key markets.

Presenter: Lance Sapera, 24 Hour Fitness

Creating Veteran Outreach with the .JOBS Top-Level Domain

After separating from the military, many veterans look to transition into the civilian workforce but often don't know how to translate their skills. To combat this, many Members have built domains that specifically target veterans, pairing their skillset, or Military Occupation Code (MOC), with civilian job description details. Join Member company Phillips 66 as they discuss their veterans outreach initiatives and how to incorporate this valuable talent pool into your current recruitment strategy.

Presenters: Rhiannon Leach and Mike Demarest, Phillips 66

WAPES: Expanding .JOBS Across the Globe

This past June, representatives from NASWA and Member company IBM traveled to Seoul, South Korea to attend the World Association of Public Employment Services (WAPES) World Congress where HR professionals from 60 countries met to discuss the labor market. In this session, discover more about their experience at WAPES and the beneficial takeaways they gathered as well as how they introduced the National Labor Exchange and the .JOBS top-level domain.

Presenters: Ray Schreyer, IBM; Bonnie Elsey, Minnesota Department of Employment & Economic Development

2:00 pm

SEO and Other Best Practices to Attract Your Target Audience

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique that's gaining quick notoriety in the HR community due to the ability to effectively target candidates. However, if you are unfamiliar with or wanting to gain more information about SEO, this session is for you. Presenter Jonathan Liepe will delve into the topic of SEO by discussing the benefits of utilization, tips for success and the importance of integrating this technique into your online recruiting strategy. During the session he will also share how SEO has helped Colorado Springs Utilities target and engage their audience while increasing traffic to their corporate career site.

Presenter: Jonathan Liepe, Colorado Springs Utilities

Partnering with your State Workforce Agency: Employer Success Strategies

How well is your organization leveraging the workforce development and employment services provided at no cost to employers? By partnering with your State Workforce Agency (SWA), you can "force multiply" your recruiting staff, create efficiencies in your hiring process, and dramatically reduce your cost per hire. Learn about the employment services provided by the public workforce system; develop customized, flexible solutions to meet employment needs (similar to Recruitment Process Outsourcing); and measure the ROI and benefits of your partnership with the SWA.

Panelists: Lisa Mallory, DC Department of Employment Services; Larry Temple, Texas Workforce Commission; Laurie A. Warner, Oregon Employment Department | Moderators: Pam Gerassimides, NASWA; Jolene Jefferies, DirectEmployers Association

Expanding your Employment Branding through Social Media

Many companies are recognized for having a social media presence but very few companies are recognized for their all-around social media excellence. The Home Depot has not only created an interactive brand through social media, but they have revamped their career pages to provide a better candidate experience while promoting their employment brand. Join The Home Depot Employment Marketing and Branding experts to discover how to implement a branding strategy that helps your company recruit top talent and meet your hiring goals.

Panelists: Miko Covin, Maya Garner, Alison Foy and Jacquese Brown, The Home Depot



3:00 pm

Social Media Recruitment: Challenges, Surprising Benefits and Realistic Applications

As job seekers move into the social networks to seek out new opportunities, more companies are targeting candidates through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and the newcomer Pinterest. So how do Talent Acquisition departments find meaningful ways to put themselves amidst this new, large growing talent pool? And which networks provide the best results? And what does ROI look like? During this session learn hidden benefits of, and best practice in social recruiting as well as how to leverage the different social media platforms to engage with potential recruits and improve your hiring practices.

Panelists: Chrissy Glover, Scottrade; Chloe Rada, Sodexo | Panelists via G+ Hangout: Jeff Moore, Trip Advisor (Formerly of Google); Lisa Chartier, Philips North America | Moderator: Mira Greenland, TweetMyJobs

Prepare Now for Section 4212: Improve Employment Outcomes for Veterans

The OFCCP's proposed rules for Section 4212 would require federal contractors to do far more to accommodate, hire, retain and promote veterans. Employers would need to perform a five-factor analysis and establish annual hiring benchmarks, track and report several new metrics, and complete mandatory partnership linkage agreements. Prepare now to conduct a thorough gap analysis to assess internal readiness for increased regulatory compliance requirements and develop a strategy to address the gaps. Learn about veteran best practices by award-winning companies and take advantage of additional resources, including a sample linkage agreement and veteran partner sources.

Presenters: Jolene Jefferies, DirectEmployers Association; Marian Monnig, Sprint

Redefining your Online Recruiting Efforts with SEO

As a leader, you know that every successful organization must evolve to conform to shifting patterns. As recruiting has gone from an in-house to an online method, has your company shifted to keep up with the times? In a session, led by IBM's Ray Schreyer and Providence Health and Service's Rhonda Stickley, learn how the .JOBS extension can be utilized to supplement your employment brand strategy while targeting relevant talent and transforming your recruitment landscape.

Presenters: Ray Schreyer, IBM; Rhonda Stickley, Providence Health & Services

4:00 pm

RecruitCONSULT! Leadership: Elevate Recruiting To True Consulting

Whether you are leading or you want to lead a corporate staffing team, you can "take it up a notch"! Using the RecruitCONSULT! Leadership philosophy to navigate managing and motivating a consultative recruiting team, this session addresses the key leadership and management skills necessary to effectively lead a high-performing recruiting team. It also provides you with a toolkit for optimizing the way you lead and manage a recruiting function. Using a consultative recruiting model, we will discuss key concepts in how to prioritize, structure, staff, lead, and problem-solve in the complex world of corporate recruiting and staffing. Using the RecruitCONSULT! philosophy, you will learn the concept of "contracting" with the business and leverage solid consulting skills to enhance internal and external recruiting relationships.

Presenter: Jeremy Eskenazi, Riviera Advisors, Inc.

Embracing Differences: Creating a Pipeline of Diverse Candidates

Having a diverse staff can be beneficial in many ways. Each employee's varied background can provide increased adaptability to change, enhanced problem solving and a wide variety of viewpoints that all work towards the success of a company. In order to increase labor diversity and create an environment that fosters differences, you have to have support and encouragement from senior leadership to help reinforce your hiring initiatives. In this session, discover the best practices for creating a diverse pipeline of candidates and how best to incorporate this change to create a diverse staff.

Presenters: Cindy Bruner and Laura Harlos, Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air

Using Analytics to Impress your Boss and Justify your Online Recruiting Strategy

A rocky economic situation has required HR professionals to fully justify their spending, both online and off-line. Gaining a better understanding of analytics and metrics that surround an online recruiting strategy can help validate spending to management teams as well as help identify which recruitment sources are providing the most effective results. In this informative session, attendees will gain information on how to define and explain analytics terminology, learn how to identify the various sources of traffic and how keyword targeting can help gain maximum search engine results.

Presenter: Seth Flater, DirectEmployers Association

5:00 pm – 6:30 pm

Networking Reception

8:30 pm – 10:30 pm

Movie: 127 Hours

DAY 2 Thursday, October 25, 2012

7:00 am

Continental breakfast

8:00 am

Mobile Career Fair Engagement: Minimizing Paper, Maximizing Results

Tired of leaving career fairs with nothing to show for it? Find out how AT&T has taken a different approach to career fairs, using new technology to realize a real return from these events. Learn the do's and don'ts; find out how to put cost-effective, next-generation tools in place; and get the information you need to change your traditional approach to career fairs. Remember to bring your phone fully charged to this session to interact and learn more about the new generation of recruitment.

Presenter: Carrie Corbin, AT&T

Behind the Scenes: What Does OFCCP Do With Your Data?

As a federal contractor, you are fully aware of OFCCP compliance regulations, but do you know what is actually done with your data? In this session, join presenters who have experienced both sides of an OFCCP audit. Listen to information as you are provided with realistic scenarios of issues that commonly arise from audits. The presenters will act out scenarios and then provide recommendations on how to respond to the OFCCP in the various cases while answering the age-old question of what is done with your data after its received.

Presenters: Lisa Kaiser, Kairos Services and Shafeeqa Watkins Giarratani, Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P.

Talent Strategy: Turning Information into Insights

Branding has become an integral element of our daily lives so it's no surprise it also plays a role in deciding which company we want to work for. This session will place emphasis on the importance of creating a strong employer brand as well as focusing on the current talent landscape, what are the student trends and preferences as well as what the effective communication channels are to reach today's job seeker.

Presenter: Kortney Kutsop, Universum

8:55 am

Social Media in the Workplace: Mitigating Risk and Ensuring Legal Compliance

Social Media presents a variety of workplace challenges for employers. For example: Can we use information found on Facebook to make an employment decision? Can my company recruit via social media? Can we monitor our employees' social media accounts? Are there any state laws regarding social media that differ from federal law? Learn the answers to these questions by joining trial attorney for the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Edward Loughlin, as he discusses the risks and rewards of using social media in the workplace as well as tips to help employers avoid common mistakes, mitigate risk and comply with the law.

Presenter: Ed Loughlin, EEOC Attorney

Military Outreach: Transitioning from Camo to Khaki

Tyson Food is a recognized brand around the world for their quality chicken, beef and pork products. While these food products provide them with great brand awareness, did you also know they've been recognized as a major military and veteran proponent? As such, they've created a program for transitioning servicemen and women called Camo to Khaki. In this informative session, learn how this veteran outreach program embraces the true skill sets and values of the military—integrity, dedication, leadership and responsibility—and incorporates them into their day-to-day business endeavors.

Presenter: Russ Tooley, Tyson Foods

Leveraging Internship Programs to Fill Your Pipeline

Successful internship programs have strong recruitment conversion and employee retention rates. In this session you will see data from NACE's 2012 Internship & Co-op Survey that shows the relationship between the structure and focus of an intern program and the effect on conversion rates. You will also learn strategies for ensuring your intern program is designed for maximum student engagement. Join this session and learn how other companies have successfully implemented, designed and leveraged their internship programs.

Presenter: Marilyn Mackes, NACE

9:50 am

Effectively Manage Social Media Platforms to Play Up Your Strengths

With over 75% of U.S. households using some form of social media, it's important to have a strong presence for your company. But what are the right areas and or networks to reach your target audience? In this session learn how to improve your social media outreach methods as DirectEmployers Member company Waste Management talks about how they found their niche in the social media realm and played to their strengths.

Presenter: Alex Brown, Waste Management

Partnerships that Work: Linking Up to Improve Disability Employment Outcomes

As federal contractors await the final rule for Section 503 from the OFCCP, many are making it a priority to create a workforce that includes individuals with disabilities. If passed, Section 503 would require a 7% utilization goal for each job group. Is your organization ready? Are you confused by the complex disability provider system? With whom can you create effective partnerships? What about reasonable accommodations? Get the answers and more from expert panelists as they talk about Partnerships That Work.

Panelists: Katherine McCary and Martha Artiles, C5 Consulting, LLC; Bonnie Elsey, Minnesota Department of Employment & Economic Development; William Roberts, National Organization on Disability; James Emmett, APSE HR Connect | Moderator: Jolene Jefferies, DirectEmployers Association

Making the Business Case for Recruiting Initiatives

Coming out of the Great Recession, most recruiting functions were left with too few resources, slashed budgets, and increased expectations to accomplish more. A few organizations, however, recognized the business situation and changed their approach to thrive and grow. In this session, recruiting leaders from two very different companies will share the critical elements of their recruiting business cases and cost justifications. They will also highlight the most persuasive numbers to use, and show how to construct a business case worthy of the CEO's attention. People attending this session will also learn how to link talent initiatives directly to business strategy, the 22 ways to make a business case with high impact, how to present a business case to a CEO and how to cost-justify their initiatives in ways that an executive will easily accept.

Presenters: Harry Griendling, DoubleStar; Carle Quinn, QVC; Karl Sparre, ARAMARK


Break / Linkage Agreement Signings / College Relationships

10:50 am
Keynote Address

Sage Steele, ESPN SportsCenter anchor

11:35 am
General Session

Jobs in China

For companies that have an international presence in China, understanding the cultural differences and adapting to them is often the key element of success or failure. To aid in adapting to these differences, Cnjobs is providing DirectEmployers Association Members a valuable translation service that coverts job listings into Chinese. Just like the U.S., China is facing employment challenges due to pressure from the government to create jobs in the coming years and American companies may be able to benefit from this situation. Join Cnjobs' CEO Renjun Bao to learn about the valuable translation service and international employment opportunities present over the coming years in China.

Presenter: Renjun Bao, Cnjobs Technology (Beijing) Co, LTD

12:20 pm


1:20 pm
Keynote Address

Aron Ralston, Inspiration for the Film 127 Hours

In 2003 Aron Ralston's story made headlines worldwide. After being pinned by a half-ton boulder for nearly a week in a remote three-foot-wide slot canyon in southern Utah, Ralston narrowly escaped death by severing his right forearm with a dull pocketknife. After applying a tourniquet, he hiked and rappelled for five hours through Blue John Canyon before searchers in a helicopter miraculously rescued him.

Ralston documented the life-altering experience and his remarkable will to survive in his New York Times best-selling book, Between a Rock and a Hard Place. His story has been adapted into a movie by Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle, titled 127 Hours. In 2011, the film was nominated for an astounding six Academy Awards, including Best Picture, and three Golden Globes.


Break / Meet & Greet with Aron Ralston / Linkage Agreement Signings / College Relationships

2:30 pm
General Session

Partnership Update: Employ Media

Presenter: Tom Embrescia, Employ Media

2:45 pm
General Session

The Shifting Landscape of Compliance

The OFCCP has been extremely active over the past four years in the regulatory front. With the impending elections there is an expectation of change coming in terms of compliance. Attend this session to gain answers to questions such as - What's happening with the administration? How has the compliance landscape changed and how will it affect government contractors?

Presenter: Mickey Silberman, Jackson Lewis



3:45 pm
General Session

JOBipedia: A Resource for the Future

As a college student you probably were filled with questions before an interview. As a HR professional, you hold the answers to each of these questions. To help fill the gap between HR professionals and students or recent grads, DirectEmployers Association in partnership with HR Policy Association created Jobipedia.org to help new entrants into the workforce find jobs. In this session, learn more about Jobipedia and the valuable information featured experts are covering.

Presenter: Jaime Fall, HR Policy

4:00 pm
General Session

Engaging with the National Labor Exchange

The National Labor Exchange (NLX) has been called "the best kept secret" by government committee members but with over one million jobs available daily, that secret needs to be spread. To help better understand this truly unique resource, join the National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA), NLX Ops Committee and RRCC Committee as they discuss the current goals, mission and outreach initiatives of the NLX.

Opening Statements: Pam Gerassimides, NASWA; Jolene Jefferies, DirectEmployers Association | Panelists: Scott Eychner, Texas Workforce Commission; Peggy Feenan, Arizona Department of Economic Security; Julie Toskey, Minnesota Department of Employment & Economic Development; Annette Rosta; KPMG; Ray Schreyer, IBM; Rhonda Stickley, Providence Health & Services | Moderators: Christy Merriman, DirectEmployers Association; Charlie Terrell, NASWA

6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Mystery event with dinner (off-site)

For this year's conference DirectEmployers has planned a mystery event that will prove to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Wanting to learn more about the event? Watch this video for clues that may help you figure out the mystery event. The covered wagon (aka bus) will leave the hotel at 5:45 pm and dinner will be provided at the event. Remember to kick off your heels and step out of your business casual attire and come in something comfortable!

DAY 3 Friday, October 26, 2012

7:30 am

Continental breakfast

8:30 am

Standardization for Talent Acquisition

Since 2009, under the auspices of ANSI and ISO, the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) has been developing national-level and global HR standards in a broad array of functional areas. HR-XML Consortium has a mission of creating worldwide standards for HR data interchange. While SHRM has made several HR standards publicly available and HR-XML is being widely adopted by HR departments around the world, you may still be new to these standards. To gain a better understanding of what standards are, how they're created, and the potential benefits of adopting these HR standards, join SHRM's Amanda Benedict and HR-XML Consortium's Kim Bartkus as they discuss this new effort.

Presenters: Amanda Benedict, SHRM; Kim Bartkus, HR-XML

Is Your ATS Going to Cost You During Your Next OFCCP Audit?

Many affirmative action employers are implementing applicant tracking systems (ATS) to help address the internet applicant regulations. What many employers don't realize is that by implementing an ATS without reviewing their recruitment process, they could be putting themselves at greater risk than not having an ATS at all. The potential risk is introduced when the ATS tracks all the previously undocumented actions that happen during the recruitment process in great detail. The law requires the employer keep all the information tracked. This electronic recruitment data will be requested by the OFCCP and EEOC as they pursue failure-to-hire cases. It is imperative that employers review the data that both is and isn't tracked by their ATS. Not doing so could cost your company during your next OFCCP audit. In this session, David Scheffler and Jeff of Pinnacle will focus on the common pitfalls of implementing an ATS as well as review the top five things to review in order to uncover potential risk in your ATS.

Presenters: David Scheffler & Jeff Baker, Pinnacle Affirmative Action Services

9:40 am

Leveraging Your Existing Assets to Build a Talent Network

Every employer is sitting on a gold mine of candidates, rich with skills and connections, which the company is not currently tapping to fill its needs. What can you do to effectively re-engage and leverage these candidates? In this session, TalentCircles' Sean Sheppard will discuss the value of owning a talent network and utilizing your current candidate pool. Learn how you can streamline your recruitment process and reduce costs, all while gaining the ability to immediately interact with potential candidates.

Presenter: Sean Sheppard, TalentCircles

A Closer Look at Successful OFCCP Audit Management

Every year, Cardinal Health completes close to 100 affirmative action plans (AAPs) with the assistance of their AAP vendor, Berkshire Associates Inc. Completing such a large amount of plans each year requires great attention to detail, and a thorough understanding of the latest regulatory changes to manage any potential audits. In this informative session, Cardinal Health's Manager of AAP/EEO Compliance, Candee Chambers, SPHR, CAAP, and Berkshire's President, Beth Ronnenburg, SPHR, will walk attendees through the process they use to prepare and finalize any plans that come under audit. In addition, they will share their best practices and experiences managing audits.

Presenters: Beth Ronnenburg, Berkshire Associates; Candee Chambers, Cardinal Health

10:45 am

End of Conference

Post-Conference Excursions
12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Shop Hopping

12:00 pm – 4:45 pm

Jeep Tours

12:50 pm, 12:58 pm, or 1:06 pm

Golf at The Stadium Course

*Agenda subject to change.